Discipline of the School

Discipline of the School

School believes in maintaining discipline which is not regimental or oppressive. Discipline is an essential part of school education.


  1. All students must come to school wearing the prescribed uniform. The House uniform must be worn by the students on Saturday.
  2. All students must wear the school tie and school belt at all time and boys shall tuck their shirts in to their pants.
  3. Failure to comply with the school’s uniform regulations may result in a student being sent home after two warnings are recorded in the School Diary.


  1. Courtesy and respect must be the key aspects of pupil behavior. Disrespect and disobedience may result in disciplinary action, involving suspension or even expulsion.
  2. Staying away from school ‘bunking’ will be punished by suspension followed by expulsion.
  3. Students are expected to greet all visitors and members of the staff with respect.
  4. They should always remember that the schools are judged by their conduct.
  5. Silence must be maintained in the classrooms during periods.
  6. Indisciplined behavior in the schools bus will render a student ineligible to use the transportation.
  7. All students are responsible to the school authorities for their behavior both in and outside the school. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct outside the school on the part of the students shall render them liable for disciplinary action.
  8. Money should not be lent to or borrowed from, or articles exchanged.
  9. The school is not responsible for goods or money lost it is not advisable to bring valuables to school.
  10. No books (other than text books or library books), magazines etc. may be brought to the school, no absence literature will be allowed in the school premises.
  11. Normally no student is allowed out of the class to drink water or go to the toilet. This should be done only during break time.