Co Curricular Activities

IG Deepam Seth in GNA

IG Deepam Seth being welcomed in GNA

The SUPW is taken seriously, Motor Mechanics and Electronics are taught to the boys and Home Science essentials are instructed to the students of IX and X. Environmental Education has been inducted as an awareness subject and students in general are acquainted to this subject which has become every important it increases and environmental hazards. The students are taught by an experienced, qualified and trained team of staff members. Audio-Visual aids and modern techniques are promulgated and before the Exams special revision workshops are held.

Dr. AK Singh being welcomed in GNA

SP Nivedita being welcomed in GNA

Chairman GNA being welcomed

Variety programmes, Dramatics, Educative Informative seminars with known Hon. Guest speakers and functions are organized in an exquisite manner by the staff members who are also in charge of different fields as per their talents, interests and hobbies. Quiz contests, Elocution, compositions Debates and Essay writing competitions are also organized from time to time.

The facility of sports and physical education is provided by a team of experienced & trained instructors. Among the various games that are played and coached are soccer, hockey cricket, indoor cricket, basket-ball, table tennis, volleyball, badminton, chess, athletics and gymnastics.