Around the Campus

As one enters through the large gate bearing the school name one faces the palatial building sprawled over an area of 20 Bighas. The campus has two multipurpose fields, two basket ball courts, a volley ball court, indoor and outdoor badminton courts, and a cricket pitch. There is a beautiful garden between the academic block and the administrative block with, the rich presence of a large number of species of trees that include Mango, Camphor, Ashoka, Bottle Palm, Pipal, Jack fruit, Champa, Leechee, Guava and Sheesham all of which give GNA a sylvan look, Around the year beautiful seasonal flowers, fruit bearing trees, boughanvillas and other flowering creepers enrich the beautiful natural atmosphere of the school Spring time with its greenery and blossoming flowers in GNA is a treat to everyone’s eyes. The entire school is well fortified with a large boundary wall.

View of Academic Block

Mango Tree Flowering

The school consists of about 30 spacious class rooms with a seating capacity of 40 students in each room. The academic block consists of the primary, junior & senior wings. Clean toilets for boys and girls are provided and there is a well equipped catalogued library consisting of over 5000 books with a separate reference section and a Principal[‘s Office Reference collection in the Principal’s Office.

Boughanvillas mounted on a Mango Tree

View of School Auditorium

The students have a separate reading room facility and the library is provided with the latest journals, magazines and dailies. There is a variety of video and audio tapes, DVD’s CD’s and VCD’s and pen drives.

The Computer Labs consist of about 20 computers of latest configurations. The Internet, E-Mail and all latest modules are available in this field. The Computer department is kept abreast with new and upcoming technical changes.

View of Science Block

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs are well provided for and fulfil the vast spectrum of requirements prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. Separate Language and Maths rooms have been provided to the students for smooth interchange of classes.

All major functions and examinations are held in a spacious auditorium. There is a certain serenity and tranquity in the atmosphere as one enters the school perhaps it is in the holy name of Shri Guru Nanak that this magic of peace and calmless works.

Guru Nanak Academy is 45 years old and has an entity of its own in the town of Dehradun which is known as a hub of school education in India. The class rooms are well ventilated and spacious with walled black boards and soft boards for display material.